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Children’s Literacy in the Nation


Read and Feed |

Since July is the month when we celebrate America's independence, we decided to take a closer look at children's literacy in our nation, our state, and our county. The results may surprise you. Read and Feed serves more than 600...

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How summer Read and Feed began

June 26, 2018


Susan Morison is one of our Read and Feed tutors who is also a teacher. In 2012, Susan was a first grade teacher at Holly Ridge Elementary School, and she was concerned about one of her Hispanic student's access to opportunities to...

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The story of our newest mobile classroom


Mike VonDerhaar |

Following a forty-year career in high tech sales, my wife Jill and I decided to buy an RV in order to see all of the places we have never seen in the US. We were very excited and immediately took...

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Reading to kids for 15 minutes makes a difference in development

March 11, 2018


A child’s first years of life are the most important when it comes to brain development, yet the majority of children in the U.S. miss out on an activity that plays a vital role in building reading and language skills....

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Benefits of Reading You Probably Didn’t Know


Jane Sandwood, freelance writer |

Were you aware that reading more often can help prevent Alzheimer’s Disease? Encouraging your kids to pick up a book can also provide them with a wealth of knowledge which will come in handy later in life. Their focus and...

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These kids started a book club for minority boys. It’s the most popular club in school.

January 21, 2018

The Washington Post |

Truesdell Education Campus has a problem. The school can’t keep its shelves stocked with the most popular books. Students are not-so-subtly reading in class when they should be paying attention to their teachers. And some boys are crowding the library...

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