Our Impact


78% of the children in our program are more confident in their reading skills.


Read and Feed serves approximately 600 children each year.


Read and Feed provides over 33,000 books annually to children in the program.

The Need is Apparent

3rd grade reading proficiency is the most important predictor of high school graduation and career success

Last year, more than 58% of Wake County’s low-income 3rd grade children failed to read at grade level.

More than 35% of the elementary school children in Wake County receive free or reduced lunches.

The Solution is Too

Read and Feed partners with local, Wake County schools to identify children at risk and below reading level. Once those children are identified, Read and Feed travels to the children’s neighborhoods to make participating easy.

During the 2017-18 school year, Read and Feed had 20 program sites across Wake County, 8 of these sites met on a mobile classroom. The remaining 12 were facility-based sites, hosted by churches, Boys & Girls Clubs, and Communities in Schools sites in the neighborhoods.

At the beginning of each session, Read and Feed gives each child a nourishing, well-balanced meal. While Read and Feed does partner with local restaurants for some of the meals, the majority come from the Inter-Faith Food Shuttle, a local nonprofit organization that provides us with low-cost meals. Each year, Read and Feed serves over 13,000 meals to our participants.

After the meal, children spend 30-40 minutes working with a tutor on their reading skills. Our tutors make it fun – the children don’t even realize they are learning while playing reading games.

At the end of each session, the children select three books to keep to build their home library.

Read and Feed is a nurturing program. We feed their hunger to learn, build their self-esteem and fill their hearts.

Our Vision

Our vision is a community in which children have the confidence and ability to succeed.


I love volunteering with Read and Feed!

"When my daughter left for college, I had time on my hands. I heard about Read and Feed at a meeting at my church. After I volunteered the first time, I was hooked. I love children, and I feel it is important to help them gain a love for reading at an early age. I can't think of any job that does not require reading on a daily basis. I have been a volunteer since October of 2017. I started out volunteering every Thursday. After a few months, I added Tuesdays. When the 2019 spring semester started, I felt like I wanted to do a little more, so I became a team lead. I love volunteering with Read and Feed! It is so awesome to work with people at each site who want to make the reading experience the best it can be for the children. It is great to be able to form a bond with the children and let them know that there are people outside of their family who care about them. My favorite experience this year has to be the night when we had at least ten kids and eight tutors, and it was too cold to put tables outside. The mobile classroom that we use is the smallest in the fleet, so we had kids everywhere! We had some in the booth, some on the couch, some at the tables in the back where the books are kept, one sitting on the food cooler with the tutor in a chair beside him, and at least two kids sitting on the dashboard with the tutors in the driver and passenger seats!"

Read and Feed gives the students a great foundation for any path in life.

"Reading was one of my favorite things as a kid. I liked to read on my own and I liked having others read to me. The things I learned from books that I read "for fun" have stuck with me long after I've forgotten the facts I studied in school. I think it’s great that Read and Feed helps children who maybe don't get the same encouragement that I did as a child.  By teaching the mechanics of reading and nurturing a love of reading, Read and Feed gives the students a great foundation for any path in life. I have volunteered with Read and Feed for about three years now. I volunteered as a tutor for one semester. I loved seeing the kids' eyes light up when they see their favorite tutor come in and it was so great to see the individual attention the children get from so many caring volunteers. Now, I mostly volunteer at Read and Feed as a driver, picking up food and delivering it where needed. This activity works out best with my schedule, and I know that it helps the other Read and Feed staff and volunteers spend more time on the other aspects of the program." -Pam Vashaw

My children LOVE Read and Feed!


Oralia says that her children, Evelyn and Jacqueline, love Read and Feed, especially the tutors and the special attention they receive.