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Oralia, Read and Feed Parent

The girls always love getting books and reading them with their tutors. And that helps them. They love the program, especially their tutors and the special attention they receive. The girls love coming to Read and Feed. When they know it's Thursday, they can't wait to get there. They have both improved and are more confident readers. And they have a lot of fun!

Ryan, Reading Tutor

I enjoy helping students that may need more help than they get in class. They get extra help with their homework and literacy when they read with their tutors. They get to read all sorts of books, they get to take books home with them for free. They get incentives to reward them for their learning and hard work. And they get dinner too!

Katie, Reading Tutor

When I first met Jihan she was just starting 3rd grade and she was an excellent reader, but very shy and apprehensive to read out loud. On the first day of Read and Feed she told me that she did not read chapter books because they were too long. Through the wide array of book club books available, I discovered she enjoyed reading nonfiction. I found a short, nonfiction, chapter book that I asked her to read. Once she finished reading the book, I let her know she had just read a chapter book on her own! After that night, I saw a huge boost in her confidence, and she has been willing to tackle every type of book available to read!