Read Aloud Submission Instructions


Have you seen the influx of celebrities and authors recording videos of themselves reading children’s books for students stuck at home?  Well, Read and Feed is in on the action and we have some of your favorite tutors featured on our YouTube channel currently reading some wonderful classics!

If you’re interested in contributing your OWN Read Aloud video, please follow the below instructions for recording and submitting to Read and Feed so our students can enjoy while at home! 

  • Pick a children’s book that you would like to read!


  • Using a phone, tablet, or computer, digitally record a video of you reading the book as you would to a student. When recording the video, please be sure to include the following information at the beginning:
    1. The name the students call you
    2. That you are reading a book for Read and Feed
    3. The book title and the author 

E.g. “Good afternoon, this is [Evan] and today I’m going to be reading a book for Read and Feed. I will be reading one of my favorites: [The Velveteen Rabbit] by [Margery Williams].”


  • Because the video will likely be too large to email or text, we have set up a google drive folder where you can upload the file. The link to the folder is here
    1. You will need to log into a google account to upload documents to the folder. If you recorded the video on a smartphone you can use the Google Drive App on your phone to upload the video.
    2. Once you are logged in, click the “New” button at the top left of the screen and select “File Upload.” 
    3. Find the recorded file on your computer or phone and click “Open.”
    4. Once the file has been uploaded, right click and select “Rename” and change it to include your name and the book title.

E.g. “Evan_The Velveteen Rabbit”


  • That’s it! We will be regularly checking the folder and uploading new videos to our Youtube channel to share with our families. 


Note: These videos will be posted to the public Read and Feed Youtube page. By sending a video to us, you give us permission to post it and acknowledge that the video will be publicly viewable.

If you would prefer to get the file to us another way please reach out to