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I didn't have the confidence that I was going to do any better. But now that I'm going to Read and Feed, I'm learning more stuff and I have more confidence about how I'll do better next year.


I so enjoy coming to Read and Feed each week. I have been working with the same children all year and I have enjoyed seeing their progress. They worked so hard to complete their rainbow words, and I especially love it when they help each other out! Looking forward to continuing and seeing their love of reading grow.

Matt and Maureen Sawchak

Both Maureen and Matt say that they would recommend volunteering at a Read and Feed site. Maureen says “The training ensures that volunteer time is well-spent and the students are fun to be around. As we complete our first year of tutoring, I feel like I’ve really gotten to know the kids and can encourage them beyond their reading.”

Liane Barber

"Read and Feed provides a safe, caring, and enriching environment for children who need extra help getting ahead in life. It keeps them busy during a time of day when they could easily find trouble, feeds them a healthy meal they may not otherwise get, and provides them with wonderful role models."