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We love Read and Feed

  Adriana and Rose are tutors at our site at the First United Methodist Church in Cary. People tutor in pairs for several reasons. In this case, Adriana is autistic and Rose is there to help her. Adriana is passionate about working with kids, so Read and Feed is a great fit. They love volunteering!

WCPSS teacher, Joanna Johnson praises Read and Feed

It warms my heart each time I see and work with students each week! It fills my heart to see and feel their excitement! Since our program consists of teachers, it is fun for all of us to get a chance to spend time with students outside of school hours. They love the one on one time, and we love having the opportunity to give it to them!! I so appreciate the Read and Feed program! Thank you for allowing our school to participate!!

Parent talks about her children’s experience in Read and Feed

  Edelmira's children, Yostin and Edelin attend Read and Feed, which has helped them become more confident readers and writers. Both children's grades are also much better than the previous year.

WCPSS teacher, Naomi De Guzman, says Read and Feed helps her students

I have definitely seen a huge jump academically in reading with the two students that I work with. I was very fortunate to be paired with two of my own third grade students in my classroom. Knowing their strengths and weaknesses in reading, I was able to specifically target the comprehension and fluency skills that my two students needed. I have enjoyed working with my students, and I can see an increase in their confidence and love for reading!

Apoorva is a girl scout and Read and Feed supporter.

"Reading is so important, which is why Read and Feed is such an amazing organization."

Ryan talks about the kids we serve

  Ryan volunteers at our Fuquay United Methodist Church program site. "They get to read all sorts of books. They get to take books home with them, too."