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Tutor for 4 years

Why do you volunteer?

I volunteer with Read and Feed because I believe everyone should know how to read.  I have had a real passion for reading all of my life.  I taught my younger brother, nephew and niece to read before they started school.  I was very young at that time, maybe 10-12 years old. I believe my passion for reading came from spending time with my mother on the county bookmobile. She was a county librarian.  I would help her place the books on the shelves and clean the bookmobile.  I was excited about selecting my books at the end of the day.


What keeps you coming back? The kids keep me coming back. I enjoy meeting and getting to know different students each year.  I try my best to develop a personal relationship with each of my students and to show kindness by doing nice things for them.  For example, when holidays like Christmas, Valentine’s day, Easter come around, I usually buy the kids special treats.


Why would you recommend this program to other potential volunteers?  I recommend Read and Feed to others because I want them to see the difference they can make in a child’s level of reading. The improvement is amazing, especially considering the length of time spent with the kids.


How is Read and Feed making Wake County stronger?  Volunteers are making Wake County stronger by assisting the kids that need tutoring. The kids are matching their reading levels to their classmates’ levels or better, therefore all of Wake County students are becoming top level readers.


What is your favorite memory of volunteering with Read and Feed?  One year I had a student and very quickly we connected on a personal level! At the end of the session, she gave me a handmade card saying that I am the best Read and Feed tutor.  This gesture made me feel so appreciated.  Of course, I saved her card![/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]

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