Read and Feed makes a difference: From the eyes of a tutor

by Greg Rideout |

When I see Mariam smile or Michael’s eyes light up at the beginning of each tutoring session, I’ve got all the evidence I need that the program is working.

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Read and Feed: Making Kids Hungry for Books

By Leah Keiter, Photography by Jonathan Fredin
Cary Magazine

….in the parking lot behind First United Methodist Church in Cary, about 15 kids are excitedly bounding up the steps of an RV, many of them wearing book bags.

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Nonprofit nurtures reading in kids

By Todd Cohen, Philanthropy North Carolina

CARY, N.C. — On different evenings once a week during the school year, a total of 500 children ages five to 11 who are students in Wake County public schools spend an hour or more enjoying a meal and then listening to stories, reading aloud and getting three books to take home and keep for personal libraries they are building.

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The Story of Read and Feed

“The proof is in the pudding that the teachers and principals see it,” Franz said.  “They have improvement in how they do in all their subjects, just because someone is giving them attention.”

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